Christmas – It’s for you to celebrate, too!

It’s December! For many of you, that means you’re headed toward Christmas programs, Advent has begun, and Christmas Eve services are being prepared.

There are a lot of amazing things happening this month to celebrate the wonder of the King and His birth… and in the midst of it all, we (as leaders) can miss the celebrating and the wonder because we feel like we’re the ones who are facilitating that experience for others.

Truthfully, we are way-makers and space-creators (like our Father) and it takes time and energy to do that; yet, the most critical role we fill is that of disciple. Not program director. Not leader. Not service planner. Not even mom or dad or son or daughter.


You’ve got a lot on your plate this month, and I see that. I won’t belabor this point except to encourage you: Christmas and the wonder of Messiah coming to earth as a child is for you to celebrate and for you to be full of wonder about, too.

Taking time to consider this and ponder it is not wasted time or energy- it’s actually your primary job and privilege as His disciple.

May the miracle of His coming and the anticipation of this season rest fully in you as you guide others in celebrating His advent!

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