The future of the church is being formed in today’s children’s ministries. Your role as a leader of kids and families is one of the most critical roles in the church

INCM exists to equip and support you in this calling.

Every leader has questions.  Here's a FREE resource to help!


We’ve identified 6 common questions of leaders in children's and family ministry. In this resource you'll find:

  • 6 questions and answers
  • 3 practical tips for each question
  • CPC Breakouts and Tracks that cover each  of the questions in more detail

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Develop relationships that last by engaging an international network of leaders who are committed to the discipleship of kids and families.


Experience in-depth and current training that equips and empowers you to lead biblically-based, thriving children’s ministries.


Encounter countless resources for children’s and family ministry through INCM’s connections to countless partners who equip leaders like you.

We understand what it means to serve in children's ministry.

  • 40 years of impacting the community of children’s and family ministry

  • Countless leaders served

  • Global vision for the discipleship of kids and families


Did you know there's a conference designed just for kidmin leaders?


Children's Pastors Conference (CPC) is a life-changing experience for leaders of children's and family ministries.

  • Almost 40 years of conferences
  • Thousands of attendees each year

We would love for you to join this incredible community of leaders!

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