Thankful for YOU

You are advancing the Kingdom of God each week.

You are influencing the spiritual formation of a generation.

You are raising up leaders and multiplying the impact of the Church.

You are our hero. And we are deeply thankful for who you are!

We know from Matthew 18 that to receive a child into your midst in the name of Jesus is the same as welcoming Jesus into your midst. Because you have chosen to take your seat at the kid’s table, you’ve chosen to sit close to the heart of God. This tells us a lot about who you are, and how you grasp the vision of His Kingdom.

We also know that this can be a hard place to sit. For many reasons- reasons that you and I both know, and don’t need to list out here. What’s most important is that you know that the hard places, the hard stories… well, these are right where you need to be because they are the places He came to bring light to.

Because of who you are, because of your faithfulness to the discipleship of kids and families, because of your endurance to shine light in the hard stories, and because of the way you are leading kids and families to Jesus, we say thank you!

On Thursday, our team here in the US will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our families- a national holiday where we gather and give thanks to the Lord. As we gather, know that each of us are giving thanks for you.

From our families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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