5 Surprising Questions Great Leaders Ask

If you have influence over others, and you’re in a position where you can maximize the talents and passions of others in order to reach an envisioned outcome, then you’re a leader.

Some of the greatest children’s ministry leaders I’ve met are changing the world because they’ve asked themselves these five questions:

  • Where should I be looking to anticipate change?
    • These great leaders are continually connecting the dots, and they are able to do that because of their intimate connection to a broader community. This awareness of what is happening around their ministry gives them a unique lens through which to see what is happening IN their ministry.
  • What are families concerned about, but not saying?
    • By asking this question, they are reminding themselves to listen and observe at a different level. Not only that, but they will continually seek out the wisdom of their team.
  • What kind of leader am I?
    • Self-awareness is one of the greatest gifts these leaders bring to their family, team, and ministry. Understanding their spiritual gifts, their strengths and weaknesses, why they do what they do… all of this leads not only to a healthy leader, but a healthy team and ministry.
  • Am I accidentally focused on preserving a problem?
    • We don’t know what we don’t know. This is why the greatest leaders are always learning, and always willing to look at things from a new viewpoint. Sometimes this will reveal a problem they are accidentally nurturing- once identified, they get to work moving toward solutions.
  • How is my soul?
    • This is the most important of all. The pace of ministry is so fast, we sometimes get lulled into a place where everyone gets the best of our energies, but our souls receive very little care. Great leaders regularly ask themselves this question, and establish rhythms and practices that care for their souls.

Friend, the most defining and growth-accelerating moments in my leadership journey have happened when I’ve had the opportunity to get in a room with leaders like me.

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