3 Odd Habits of Effective Leaders

What makes leaders and teams so effective that living out their mission and achieving their vision is inevitable? And what are the habits that we can cultivate which end up nurturing our effectiveness for the long run?

These questions have been following me around for years. As I look in on the lives of healthy, effective leaders who lead passionate and productive teams, there are themes that have emerged from all of them. Here are just three of the odd habits I’ve observed in highly effective leaders:

They Don’t Work

What I mean is, if there is work that someone else on their team or a volunteer can be doing, they give it away. They are acutely aware that their time is best spent on only the things that they uniquely can do to push the vision and mission forward. Are there things you are currently doing that someone else on your team can do (and maybe even do better)? What needs your time, but isn’t getting it?

Quit Things

One of my favorite authors, Bob Goff, has shared that he quits something every Thursday. Effective leaders that I have observed are able to quickly release the things that don’t serve getting to the goal. Are there things you keep doing because “we’ve always done it”? Has its purpose run its course? What can you remove from your plate to gain the bandwidth you need to move toward the vision you have been called to?

Fail (Sometimes repeatedly)

Effective leaders are not irrational, but they are also not averse to risk. They are willing to fail because trying means learning- regardless of the outcome. And effective leaders are always learning. The best by-product of leaders who aren’t afraid of failing is that they create an environment of innovation for their team… When the team feels safe enough to fail, they’ll be inspired to create newness. Are their things you and your team want to try, but you’ve been too concerned about failing? What would be the benefits to trying, failing, and learning? How could you get closer to your vision if you were willing to fail?

Effective leaders don’t all look the same, and they don’t all express themselves the same way- and that’s a good thing! Every flavor of leadership is needed. However, these habits – expressed uniquely by different leaders – are true of teams who are passionately living out their mission and getting closer and closer to accomplishing the vision God has given to them for their ministry.

What odd habits have you adopted that are getting you closer to your vision? Share in the comments!

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