The Biggest Battle You Face

It’s not a lack of volunteers. Although, it can definitely feel like it when they are all on vacation. The biggest battle I see leaders facing today is this: the battle for your faith. In life and in ministry, we juggle multiple roles, responsibilities, and relationships. It’s no wonder we can feel overwhelmed or overworked sometimes. When this happens, our … Read More

What Great Leaders Know (and how you can do those things this week)

About 40 years ago in Colorado, a few children’s ministry leaders serving faithfully in their communities had a realization. They needed each other. Sure, they could probably white-knuckle through the journey of shepherding kids and families for a bit, but not for the long haul. So they planned, they invited others, and they gathered. It was there that community was … Read More

The Best Flavor of Leadership

Great coffee. Fresh watermelon on a hot summer day. Roasted vegetables that were brushed with balsamic. Cherry pie from my favorite pie shop in Chicago. My mom’s famous stuffing and cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving… I love the flavors of all of these things. They’re all different. They’re all satisfying. They should not all go in a blender together. That would … Read More

3 Odd Habits of Effective Leaders

What makes leaders and teams so effective that living out their mission and achieving their vision is inevitable? And what are the habits that we can cultivate which end up nurturing our effectiveness for the long run? These questions have been following me around for years. As I look in on the lives of healthy, effective leaders who lead passionate … Read More

5 Surprising Questions Great Leaders Ask

If you have influence over others, and you’re in a position where you can maximize the talents and passions of others in order to reach an envisioned outcome, then you’re a leader. Some of the greatest children’s ministry leaders I’ve met are changing the world because they’ve asked themselves these five questions: Where should I be looking to anticipate change? … Read More

In it for the Distance

There is a common sight that begins every August in Michigan. Flock after flock of large birds, flying overhead in the distinct and intentional shape of a “V”. Being one of the first signs that summer is coming to a close, I normally choose to ignore it! But this year I happen to find myself reading through the book of … Read More

Permission Granted

You may have noticed over the past few weeks that we desire to elevate the conversation about women in ministry leadership. Next week, this conversation will be taking place as an online gathering called (En)Courage on April 26 and 27. The reason why we think it is one of the most important conversations is because what we believe about our identity and … Read More

(En)Courage- An Online Event for Women in Ministry Leadership

Who am I? Can I really do this? Wouldn’t someone else be better for this?  These three questions have followed me around since my early, formative years of ministry leadership. Perhaps you have questions that follow you around, too? Truth is, they’re not really questions at all. They’re doubts that have found the cracks in the foundations of my identity, and have … Read More

A New Thing

Journey. It’s a deliciously inviting word, but it has hints of “lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” doesn’t it? Adventure, wonder, curiosity, movement… Anticipation that something will be uncovered or brought to light. That there will be a destination- something new! Here’s what I am discovering about my leadership journey: The something new I am uncovering isn’t a destination… … Read More

Held in God’s Hands

One of the things I am always on the lookout for as I read God’s Word is repeated words and phrases, especially those that show up throughout the Bible (because those might contribute to a broader theme). My reading plan spans multiple parts of the Bible (Psalm, Old Testament, Gospel, and Epistle), and recently a theme stuck out to me: … Read More