What Great Leaders Know (and how you can do those things this week)

About 40 years ago in Colorado, a few children’s ministry leaders serving faithfully in their communities had a realization. They needed each other. Sure, they could probably white-knuckle through the journey of shepherding kids and families for a bit, but not for the long haul. So they planned, they invited others, and they gathered.

It was there that community was forged, unity was put in the ground like a stake, and commitment to the discipleship of kids and families was strengthened in each leader gathered. And their legacy lives on through INCM and Children’s Pastors Conference- not because they campaigned, or built a platform, or wrote books, or had booming social media platforms. They were simply faithful, obedient, and (in my opinion) GREAT leaders.

Great leaders know:

  1. They are a part of a greater story that is unfolding that HE is guiding, not us.
  2. They cannot sustain leadership in isolation for long.
  3. They have a responsibility to one another and to their calling – to give, to gather, and to grow.
  4. They cannot champion discipleship for kids and families until they invest in their own.

As I read that list, they’re things we would all say “Of course!” to, but so much harder to actually fit into the demands of life and ministry leadership… yet, we know they are paramount in importance. So, how can we incorporate these keys into our leadership today?

Here are 4 simple ideas for this week:

  • Write down Scripture verses on a card that remind you of His plans and purposes, and put it near your computer or on your office door. Seeing truth can remind us of the bigger picture when we are tempted to narrow our focus.
  • Make a plan today to connect with a leader or leaders in children’s ministry (not in your church) that can encourage you and walk with you on the leadership journey. (Find a local network gathering, sign up for a conference, call up a children’s ministry leader at a church near you and invite them to coffee…)
  • Pray about what you can do in the next four weeks to grow and respond to His leading by writing it down, and asking for someone you trust to keep you accountable to that.
  • Make a commitment to spend time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer every day this week. Use time in the car to worship, listen to sermons, or try memorizing a passage of Scripture using the Bible app on audio.

May you, the great leader reading this, be filled today with strength and encouragement as you serve Him by leading little ones and their families to Jesus!

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