Unconventional Sunday School Ideas: 5 Ways to Change It Up

Sunday School One Way

1. Make it Midweek

The modern family schedule is becoming more and more crowded. Many churches are looking for unique times to offer services and programming not only from a scheduling standpoint, but also to meet space issues as well. I know churches that are moving their primary worship experiences throughout the week, making a conscious effort to create environments on a weeknight instead of a Sunday morning. What out-of-the-box midweek option can you explore for your Sunday school?

2. During the service

I wonder with the explosion of digital devices and available Internet connectivity for children inside of the church walls, wouldn’t it be interesting to offer prompts, questions, and discussion during a combined worship service via texting or chat? In other words, one of the most unconventional ways to do Sunday school might be on the device you are using to read this blog.

3. In the adult worship space

I’m a big fan of changing up the environment where the teaching and learning process takes place. Consider your greatest teacher in high school or grade school. I remember my greatest student experiences being strongly related to teachers who would change up where we did the learning. The second grade teacher took us outside all the time. The high school English teacher who taught us quietly in the library. Changing up the learning environment allows the mind to expand to new places. Wouldn’t it be interesting to allow kids to experience learning in the adult worship space on their terms?

4. Sports practices

With the proliferation of sports involvement raging throughout the nation, I know many children’s and family ministry leaders are struggling to get children and families involved on a regular basis in church activities. What if we could use sports for Sunday school? What if the new Sunday school teachers were coaches and sports practices the environment for Bible training?

5. Homes

This summer my family decided that we were going to invite a bunch of families over to our house to hang out, experience God’s Word together, and spend time reading and learning. It was awesome! We didn’t use a curriculum—instead we asked different parents to come up with pieces of the experience each week (because no one is an expert). Our hope was to walk through the book of Acts and learn more about the Holy Spirit. The house you live in can become a powerful tool in God’s hands for the faith formation not only of your own children but those within the faith community. Consider moving Sunday school outside the church and inside the home!

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