Know Them

  1. Impart God's truth to this generation
  2. Provide a safe and relevant environment
  3. Communicate with families
  4. Network with a community of leaders
  5. Pray for the international children's ministry community

Five Initiatives: Commit

Our five initiatives are meant to identify bright spots in the church worth replicating. They are a starting point for beginning to set an international standard for Children's Ministry. Working together, we can focus on key issues that will make a lasting impact. Commit today and help us set a new standard for Children's Ministry.


February 16-19, 2015

west_recap CPC West 2014 Recap Video

CPC West 2014 Recap Video

cpceastrecap CPC East 2014 Recap Video

CPC East 2014 Recap Video

brightspot Bright Spot - Eric Hamp

Bright Spot - Eric Hamp

brightspot Bright Spot - Sam Luce

Bright Spot - Sam Luce

initiatives INCM Initiatives and Vision

INCM Initiatives and Vision


What’s Coming Next

Posted by Matt Guevara on September 19, 2014 / No Comments

September could be my favorite month. Around Chicago the leaves start to turn. Football starts. The apple orchard is open (which means apple cider donuts and apple cider are always on hand…

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