I’ve noticed something during my time at INCM. In my previous ministry, I also recognized this, but coming to INCM added a wider lens to the perspective.

Over 80% of the leaders we serve are women.

If there are 100 of you reading this in this moment, about 85-90 of you are ladies. (To the 15-10 guys reading this, I’m giving you the highest of high fives right now. We need more of you in #kidmin!)

But ladies. Well done. Can I say that again? Well done! For years, you have showed up. You have influenced the very fabric of discipleship in our churches.

As I’ve walked the halls at CPC, answered emails, picked up phone calls, FB messages, and hand written notes… I’ve read, seen, heard, laughed and cried with you. I KNOW that a lot of you have been wrestling with things like your calling, your role as a leader, and all the uniqueness that comes with being a woman in ministry leadership. I recognize the fortitude it takes for you to remain. I honor the sacrifices you make. I see the bravery you display by showing up- week in, week out.

One thing is abundantly clear: if we are going to truly live out the fullness of our calling, then not only do we need to be abiding in the Vine, but we also need to be together as we go forward.

So months ago, I was trying to ignore something the Spirit was impressing on me. It felt like it would be too much, too hard, too…. But it couldn’t be ignored any longer. I grabbed my journal that acts as the ring in which I wrestle with leadership, and I started writing. I wrote about how much I believe in this community. I wrote about what I know about how God cares for children, and what that must mean for those He has called to serve them. I wrestled with the stories that have piled up about women and their leadership journeys. Finally, I just wrote: “Yes.” It was submission. It was, “Amen, so be it.” It was the willingness of my soul to put fear aside and embrace His plans.

So we began having conversations with other women in leadership- asking questions, listening, and realizing God had been stirring up dreams in us about the same things…well before we ever got on the phone or sat across from each other at coffee. This is how (En)Courage came to be.

By now, you have probably heard about (En)Courage. It is so much more than just an online event. God has given us (a team of ladies working behind the scenes) a vision to pray for and see what could happen if all of us had a genuine community of women just like us – women in ministry leadership. What could happen if we had healthy, holy, meaningful spaces we could go to where we are encouraged (literally: given courage) to keep pressing forward into all God has called us to? To not shrink back from our gifts? To lead as He has made us to lead? After conversation after conversation, I sense God is stirring hearts and uniting them for this time, for this community.

Sometimes He invites us to be a part of something that changes everything. It’s going to require all of us. We might not see the results in full daylight right away, but we have to say “Yes.” first. All I know is…I want to be there when the horizon starts to glow. I don’t want to miss what He is up to. How about you?

Will you be asking God to prepare your heart for what is ahead? That you would say yes to whatever invitation He extends? If you know other women serving in ministry, would you invite them on the journey?

As always, I’m cheering you on, ladies!

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About Michayla White

As the Interim Executive Director for INCM, Michayla oversees the ministry of INCM and provides guidance for initiatives that inspire and equip the kidmin community. For the past eleven years, she has had the privilege of serving in children’s and family ministry. Prior to joining INCM, she served at a non-profit children's ministry organization in various capacities like media production, digital strategy, conferences, partnerships, and ministry program design. She has also enjoyed consulting for ministry friends and organizations. Michayla has a Bachelor’s in Psychology with specializations in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. Her passion for children’s ministry started in middle school, and she was always involved in all aspects of her church’s children’s ministry. These experiences solidified a burning passion in her heart to serve those who serve children and families. Michayla married her best friend and childhood sweetheart. They are having a blast raising two little boys.

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