“We will tell the next generation” – [Psalm 78]

Did you know that the calling you are committing your life to this week joins a beautiful song of God’s people from the time of David?

Check out Psalm 78 this morning – you’re likely very familiar with this passage! It’s a song of commitment, and it was a clear recognition that God’s people were to commit to tell the children in their community all about the Lord.

And what an incredible communal commitment:

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done!”

This promise was made for a reason they each understood very well. The Israelites wanted their children to keep God’s commands and grow in faith so they wouldn’t grow up with unfaithful and wandering hearts.

They were committing to tell them about the Lord so “they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep his commands. They would not be like their ancestors… a stubborn and rebellious generation…”

When a community commits to the discipleship of children together, they are establishing a fight against roots of rebellion and a stiff-necked posture toward Creator God. This commitment is one that shapes the way a community continues in faithfulness to God.

Every time you continue to commit your time, energy, and talents to the discipleship of kids and families, your life is singing the song of “We will tell!”

But here’s the thing when our every day life is singing that song… it’s not an easy song to sing when volunteers are bailing…it’s not an easy song to sing when you feel like no one can hear you or you’re singing a solo… it’s not an easy song to sing when you feel like maybe you’re not made for this leadership thing.

Silencing this song is a strategy of the enemy who stands in direct opposition to the work you are doing for the Lord.

And that is one of the reasons we gather together at Children’s Pastors Conference… to hear a couple thousand leaders like us singing the same song of “We will tell!” It takes on a whole new meaning when we are standing shoulder-to-shoulder in Orlando.

Not only do we experience world class training, personalized coaching, dynamic teaching, the latest resources and tools…. we experience the gift of each other. We experience the refreshment and renewal that comes from what happens when He is in our midst and unifying our hearts.

And you know who receives the benefit of our renewed commitment and our strengthened voices? The kids we serve.

We gather so we can return and sing that song like never before. Register for CPC20 today!

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