This Could Change Everything

In 11 days, children’s ministry leaders from all over the US and the world will be meeting together in Orlando. We’re agreeing to set aside 3 days out of this brand new year to invest in our ministries, in each other, and in ourselves. We know that if we gather, we can return back to our places with higher vision, deeper faith, renewed spirits, and tremendous new skills.

Will you join us? 

Because the truth is, this isn’t just an event. This isn’t just training. This isn’t just a networking extravaganza. This isn’t just a get-away.

It’s a game-changer.

Year after year, leaders tell us that they were on the brink of burnout – even quitting – but God used CPC to give them clear direction, fresh vision, and new ways forward…. Not to mention, a bunch of new friends who get what it’s like to lead in their shoes.

So, if you’re looking for a game-changer for your ministry year, we’re ready for you. Join us on January 16-18 in Orlando!

You’ll experience:

  • Inspirational General Sessions with speakers like Louie Giglio, Lisa Harper, John Ortberg, and more!
  • Dynamic times of worship and a Prayer Experience led by Beth Guckenberger!
  • Free one-on-one coaching that sends you home with a plan!
  • Over 130 breakouts with next level training!
  • A HUGE Resource Center filled with tools you day dream about!
  • Networking with leaders who get you!

And so. Much. More.

Go ahead, friend. Change the game for 2018.

See you in the sunshine!

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