The Ministry of Space

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The environments we find ourselves in have a tremendous influence on our ability to learn, listen, relax, engage, and receive. For example, when I walk into HomeGoods… ::happy sigh:: consider me transported into a world of possibility. 🙂 Or when I walk into Anna Shea’s- the sweetest little coffee and chocolate shop – you can bet I’m there to relax and engage with a good friend over a cup of chai tea. Every inch of that place oozes “Come and stay a while.” And so, I do.

How about church environments? Schools? We all know, because we’ve experienced it, the way these environments can help or hinder our ability to really engage. This has an impact on whether or not we even desire to return.

Environments have tremendous influence on the children we serve. So, how can you really design spaces in your church that help the kids and families you serve feel loved?

If you want to hear the answer to that question, then you want to attend our free webinar next week with Dawn Rundman on The Ministry of Space.

No, it’s not a webinar about interstellar faith formation! 🙂 This webinar introduces how churches can deliberately design spaces that show children they are important, loved, and welcomed. You’ll learn how ethnography can help you look at how your church building sends messages (both intentional and unintentional) about your children’s ministry. Be prepared to learn how to apply an ethnographer’s lens, examine your own church’s spaces, and receive inspiration for making changes. Dawn will provide several downloadable tools for you to use in your own church setting.

Dawn is is the Director of Congregational Development at Sparkhouse, a publisher that sparks new life in Christian communities. She and her team develop Bibles and faith formation curriculum. Dawn holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and speaks at events, conferences, and congregations about using ethnography practices to design more meaningful spaces and experiences for kids.

You don’t want to miss this. Save your spot today! 

Can’t view it live? Don’t worry! If you register, you will receive the FREE replay link when the webinar is over. 

About Michayla White

As the Interim Executive Director for INCM, Michayla oversees the ministry of INCM and provides guidance for initiatives that inspire and equip the kidmin community. For the past eleven years, she has had the privilege of serving in children’s and family ministry. Prior to joining INCM, she served at a non-profit children's ministry organization in various capacities like media production, digital strategy, conferences, partnerships, and ministry program design. She has also enjoyed consulting for ministry friends and organizations. Michayla has a Bachelor’s in Psychology with specializations in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. Her passion for children’s ministry started in middle school, and she was always involved in all aspects of her church’s children’s ministry. These experiences solidified a burning passion in her heart to serve those who serve children and families. Michayla married her best friend and childhood sweetheart. They are having a blast raising two little boys.

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