The Breakouts are Coming!

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You know when you are on the hunt for a gift for someone you love… the perfect gift that will make them smile in that way where you know you just nailed it? Can you feel what that anticipation is like as you wrap it, write the note on the card, and the excitement that bubbles up when you set it in front of them?

This is pretty much what it is like each year when we unveil the breakouts for CPC. We’re dying inside for you to untie the ribbon, rip open the paper, and “oooo” and “ahhh” over what is being prepared for you!

But this year, things are being taken to the next level. For the first time ever, we are giving every leader coming to CPC the gift of peace of mind. No more rushing to a breakout to try to get a seat- we’re giving you the opportunity to save your seats in the breakouts of your choice BEFORE the event!

Breakout registration for CPC18 opens on September 25th!

Here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure you’re registered for CPC18 (You want to do this BEFORE 9/25 so you are able to have the best chance of getting a seat in your top picks for breakouts)
  • Breakouts are being released on Friday for your review (Tip: make sure you read through the 130+ breakouts being offered and highlight the ones you want to attend the most- that way, you’ve already got a list of options you like!)
  • On 9/25, breakout registration will OPEN! Log in and add the breakouts of your choice to your agenda!
  • Kick back and relax knowing all the breakouts you want to attend at CPC18 have a seat in them with your name on it!

We are really excited about the ways this is going to take the CPC18 experience to the next level! Don’t wait – get registered for CPC TODAY!

We can’t wait to see you in Orlando!

About Michayla White

As the Interim Executive Director for INCM, Michayla oversees the ministry of INCM and provides guidance for initiatives that inspire and equip the kidmin community. For the past eleven years, she has had the privilege of serving in children’s and family ministry. Prior to joining INCM, she served at a non-profit children's ministry organization in various capacities like media production, digital strategy, conferences, partnerships, and ministry program design. She has also enjoyed consulting for ministry friends and organizations. Michayla has a Bachelor’s in Psychology with specializations in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. Her passion for children’s ministry started in middle school, and she was always involved in all aspects of her church’s children’s ministry. These experiences solidified a burning passion in her heart to serve those who serve children and families. Michayla married her best friend and childhood sweetheart. They are having a blast raising two little boys.

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