Start the right way this new year!

Happy new year, friend!! Welcome to 2019! Waking up on January 1 means waking up to something fresh and something familiar at the same time. It’s fresh because we’ve never been here- 2019 hasn’t happened before and there’s 365 days ahead of us that we know are pages yet to be written. It’s familiar in that we wake up to … Read More

Monuments: Reflect, Respond, Re-Envision

We’re hours away from 2018. As I write this, I wonder about you… I wonder what 2017 held for you. Several of you have shared your stories with me, so I know you’ve navigated the tough and terrific stuff of life and leadership this year. I know you’ve welcomed new babies, or watched your babies walk across a stage in … Read More

Happy New Year!

If we were sitting across from each other right now, I’d give you a high five and then probably a hug. The past 365 days, you showed up for ministry, life, and all the multitudes of things that make up your days. You raised your family, you invested in your church community, you saw kids and families come to know … Read More