What Does It Mean to Fear the Lord?

I am a few weeks into following the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) for my daily Bible reading. For most of the year, the elections, or texts, include a reading from the Old Testament, a Psalm, an Epistle, and a Gospel. Recently, I have been reading in the book of Acts and I came to chapter 9. Leading up to this … Read More

The Power of the First Impression

 Today’s post comes from Angela Lewton, the face behind the KidCheck blog and expert on the latest child safety research and trends.  In children’s ministry, a parent’s first impression of the ministry is important and difficult to overcome if it’s not positive. People make either conscious or unconscious judgments about cleanliness, security, professionalism, and competence based on that first impression. Much like you and … Read More

The Roots of Faith in the Middle of Discouragement

Have you ever had a week so discouraging, you text people to pray for you? Me too. In fact, last week was that week for me. Unexpected, the family we rent our small half-duplex to moved out. Our 10 year old daughter was hit in the temple with a softball before a game and doctors thought she had a fractured … Read More

We Protect Things. He Protects Us.

We protect things. Have you ever felt the urge to stand in front of someone – to protect them? Your own child,  family member, a teammate, friend – I’m not talking about social media affrontery or posturing, but physically protecting something or someone. Your heart rate rises. Your muscles tense. You sense someone or something coming closer – and you … Read More

Why Children Are the Most Important People in the Church


— everything you wish your Senior Pastor knew about children’s ministry by Damon DeLillo Back in the day, there was a famous preacher story that circulated amongst what were then known as “Christian Education Directors”–our modern day family pastors. It was said that D.L. Moody had come back from a tent revival meeting where he reported that 2 1/2 people … Read More