5 Surprising Questions Great Leaders Ask

If you have influence over others, and you’re in a position where you can maximize the talents and passions of others in order to reach an envisioned outcome, then you’re a leader. Some of the greatest children’s ministry leaders I’ve met are changing the world because they’ve asked themselves these five questions: Where should I be looking to anticipate change? … Read More

3 Ways to Connect with Millennial Parents

It is projected that 80 percent of Millennials will have families by 2023. Did you know that over half of this generation already has kids? As a children’s and family ministry leader, you likely wrestle often with 1) “How do I effectively serve the young families in my church community?” and 2) “How do I reach new families… and keep … Read More

In it for the Distance

There is a common sight that begins every August in Michigan. Flock after flock of large birds, flying overhead in the distinct and intentional shape of a “V”. Being one of the first signs that summer is coming to a close, I normally choose to ignore it! But this year I happen to find myself reading through the book of … Read More

CPC+ Is Next Week!

If you could take a peek inside the INCM office this week, you’d see that we’re in full-on pre-event mode- buzzing with excitement, getting our confetti ready, and counting down the days until CPC+! Not only are you going to get to experience the General Sessions messages of Albert Tate, Melissa J. MacDonald, Eugene Cho, and Beth Guckenberger, but you’re … Read More

Stumbling Upon God’s Word

Over the past couple of weekends I have been volunteering in the 4s-K room at my church, teaching large group. You guys, I love this age. 4s-Kindergarten is my not-so-secret favorite age to teach. One of the stories I taught was about Josiah, the young king. We read about Josiah in 1 Chronicles 33-35 along with 2 Kings 21-23. I … Read More

3 Reasons Not to Miss CPC+!

CPC+ is the #1 online event for children’s and family ministry leaders! Why should you make sure you save your spot today for CPC+? 1) It’s FREE. Keep your $$ – this is an incredible opportunity to experience general sessions from speakers like Albert Tate, Melissa J. MacDonald, Eugene Cho, and Beth Guckenberger for free! 2) It’s FLEXIBLE. CPC+ is … Read More

5 Things That Are NEW for CPC18!

Here are five NEW things you will get to experience at CPC18 in Orlando! 1) A NEW schedule! Take a look at how your days will look while exploring and enjoying CPC. Full Schedule 2) Pre-event Breakout Registration – you get to reserve your spot in the breakouts of your choice BEFORE you ever get to the event. No more … Read More

Sneak Preview of CPC+!

The INCM team is a lot like a kid that has a hard time keeping a secret. The excitement just can be too much for us to handle! So, we’re sharing a clip of one of the INCREDIBLE general sessions that thousands of leaders will be viewing together at CPC+– a FREE online event just for you on August 16-17. … Read More

Meet Beth Guckenberger!

Have you ever served closely with someone, and been able to point to them and say: “That one. They show me what Jesus looks like.” They’re the kind of people whose “disciple-ness” you really hope rubs off on your own. For me, Beth Guckenberger is one of those people. Beth walks with Jesus. She knows His voice. Her faith is … Read More

Meet John Ortberg!

As children’s ministry leaders, one of the things we are passionate about is helping kids become life-long disciples of Jesus. We desire to show them how their faith in Jesus weaves its way through and transforms all aspects of their everyday lives. A leader who has done this for the Church for years is Pastor John Ortberg. John is the … Read More