Encounters: With A Daughter

I remember the first ultrasound where we could tell things weren’t going according to “plan.” It was the event that thrust us into the roller coaster that was our youngest child’s pregnancy. The day I read her story, her words because my desperate anthem, too. On the north side of the Sea of Galilee, a large crowd gathers- all eager … Read More

(En)Courage- An Online Event for Women in Ministry Leadership

Who am I? Can I really do this? Wouldn’t someone else be better for this?  These three questions have followed me around since my early, formative years of ministry leadership. Perhaps you have questions that follow you around, too? Truth is, they’re not really questions at all. They’re doubts that have found the cracks in the foundations of my identity, and have … Read More

Building Missional Families

Incredible things happen in the discipleship journey of a family when they are serving together. But how do you practically create opportunities for families to be able to serve together? Dr. Lorie Lee will present research and practical ideas on how to move families of faith into missional service. Participants will gain a fresh perspective and practical tips – as … Read More

How to Communicate So Volunteers Will Listen!

Are you tired of sending out endless scheduling reminders? Of answering yet another policy question covered in your handbook? For today’s volunteer, how you communicate online is essential to coordinating, recruiting, and retaining the people who serve with you each week. We’ve teamed up with our friend from Disciplr, Michael Covington, to provide you with a FREE training webinar that will … Read More

Starting and Strengthening Your Early Childhood Ministry

Don’t tell anyone, but Early Childhood Ministry people are my favorites. They run on Jesus, coffee, and Goldfish, and they’re leading the littlest ones to Him in beautiful (very much behind-the-scenes) ways. Not only that, but they are also one of the primary influencers of whether or not new families are returning next Sunday. These young parents are touched when … Read More

Defining, Creating, and Implementing a Child Protection Policy

Children have immense purpose and value!  That’s why pastors, teachers, parents, and volunteers have the ultimate responsibility of doing all they can to protect the little ones, the most vulnerable in our society. We understand, this is a high calling and no one can do it perfectly. That’s why we’re sharing a series of three articles that discuss the purpose, … Read More

Encounters- A Lent Devotional Series for Kidmin

Lent is an invitation. It is not a burden or a requirement. It is not another way to demonstrate our religious performance for God. It isn’t an attempt to earn God’s favor. Lent is an invitation for the Spirit to deepen His work in us. During the Encounters Lent Devotional Series, we will join with Kidmin everywhere and center our … Read More

A New Thing

Journey. It’s a deliciously inviting word, but it has hints of “lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” doesn’t it? Adventure, wonder, curiosity, movement… Anticipation that something will be uncovered or brought to light. That there will be a destination- something new! Here’s what I am discovering about my leadership journey: The something new I am uncovering isn’t a destination… … Read More

INCM Web Week- Training Brought to Your Church!

What if we could bring a VBS Training event, an Early Childhood Training event, and the CPC17 General Sessions to your church? That would be crazy. Crazy awesome. So, we are! With INCM Web Week, you and your team can experience refreshment and inspiration, as well as advance in your training and skills from the convenience of your office or … Read More

Trigger a Spark in Kids with Speed Sketch Curriculum!

Great stories sweep us up and draw us in to the colorful lives of the characters, the vivid imagery, the suspense of each plot twist… we hold our breath, we cry, we laugh, and we have sighs of relief when the hero is victorious. The narrative of Scripture is the greatest story that we can ever tell, so how do … Read More