Are you ready?

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for 9/25! Why? That is the day that Breakout Registration for CPC18 opens! This means that everyone who is registered for CPC18 will be able to save their spot in the breakouts of their choice before the event! This is going to take your CPC experience to the next level! SAVE MY SPOT!  Here … Read More

The Breakouts are Coming!

You know when you are on the hunt for a gift for someone you love… the perfect gift that will make them smile in that way where you know you just nailed it? Can you feel what that anticipation is like as you wrap it, write the note on the card, and the excitement that bubbles up when you set … Read More

5 Signs You Might Need CPC18

Welcome to the last day of August! We’re cheering for you as you have launched your fall ministry season! (Imagine confetti and noise makers!) Perhaps everything is humming along perfectly, or maybe you’re beginning to realize you didn’t know what you didn’t know…but now you know! 🙂 So, if you’re feeling like a you’re in the middle of a triathlon, … Read More

3 Reasons Not to Miss CPC+!

CPC+ is the #1 online event for children’s and family ministry leaders! Why should you make sure you save your spot today for CPC+? 1) It’s FREE. Keep your $$ – this is an incredible opportunity to experience general sessions from speakers like Albert Tate, Melissa J. MacDonald, Eugene Cho, and Beth Guckenberger for free! 2) It’s FLEXIBLE. CPC+ is … Read More

5 Things That Are NEW for CPC18!

Here are five NEW things you will get to experience at CPC18 in Orlando! 1) A NEW schedule! Take a look at how your days will look while exploring and enjoying CPC. Full Schedule 2) Pre-event Breakout Registration – you get to reserve your spot in the breakouts of your choice BEFORE you ever get to the event. No more … Read More

Meet Beth Guckenberger!

Have you ever served closely with someone, and been able to point to them and say: “That one. They show me what Jesus looks like.” They’re the kind of people whose “disciple-ness” you really hope rubs off on your own. For me, Beth Guckenberger is one of those people. Beth walks with Jesus. She knows His voice. Her faith is … Read More

Meet John Ortberg!

As children’s ministry leaders, one of the things we are passionate about is helping kids become life-long disciples of Jesus. We desire to show them how their faith in Jesus weaves its way through and transforms all aspects of their everyday lives. A leader who has done this for the Church for years is Pastor John Ortberg. John is the … Read More

Meet Louie Giglio!

I remember the first time I heard Louie Giglio preach. About 15 minutes into his sermon, I realized that I was literally on the edge of my seat and leaning as far forward as possible. It was obvious that this man had a unique familiarity with the Word of God, and his passion felt like what it would have been … Read More

What to Expect from CPC18!

Some things are just TOO good to keep to yourself… like all the ways God has been at work in the preparations for CPC18! We wanted to give you the inside scoop on what is coming! General Sessions  We could not be more thrilled about the team God has brought together to guide the community through the theme of Made … Read More

CPC17 Pop-Up Party!

We just can’t help ourselves here at the INCM office… we feel giddy about CPC coming next month! With the polar vortex in full swing here in the Midwest, we’re positively thrilled about the idea of joining a couple thousand of our #kidmin heroes in sunny Orlando in a matter of weeks! But because we’re like kids on Christmas morning, … Read More