Monuments: Reflect, Respond, Re-Envision

We’re hours away from 2018.

As I write this, I wonder about you… I wonder what 2017 held for you. Several of you have shared your stories with me, so I know you’ve navigated the tough and terrific stuff of life and leadership this year. I know you’ve welcomed new babies, or watched your babies walk across a stage in a cap and gown, or glide down a wedding aisle. I know you’ve said goodbye to loved ones who passed too soon. I know you had wins, and I know you felt the pains of losses… and so, so much more.

So, I wonder how your soul is today? Have you had some space to slow down long enough to even check in on it? Life feels like it moves at light speed oftentimes, and soul care typically ends up on the way back burner. In these final hours of 2017, you’re invited to take 30 minutes to reflect on this past year, to respond to what you saw Him do, and to get some fresh vision for 2018.

There are so many amazing tools that can walk you through a similar process (and if you’ve taken the time to do that, I’m giving you a standing ovation right now!), but I created this simple tool for you to knock out before the ball drops tonight. If you’ve been running between family festivities and ministry leadership the past few weeks, this is permission to take 30 and breathe a bit. And you really can accomplish this. 🙂

This tool is called Monuments. See, God had His people create monuments every time He wanted them to not forget what He’d done for them. For example, when the children of Israel passed through the Jordan river, the twelve tribes each gathered a stone and set them up in a monument at Gilgal (Joshua 4). The whole point was that it would be a conversation starter- when their children asked what the rocks were about, they had an opportunity to testify about who He was and what He did for them.

I love the practice modeled in this to not blast past moments that deserve our reverent re-telling… the kind of stories that point to His character, faithfulness, and unending love for His people. So, here is your opportunity to gather some stones and build a monument.

Reflect. Respond to Him. Re-envision the way you are stepping into 2018. And after you do that, testify about it. Tell your spouse or kids, call a friend, shoot a text to one of your teammates… Monuments are meant to be shared because they’re not about us.

Wherever 2017 took us, the truth is we have been held by the Anchor of our souls (even when we felt a little tossed). As you glance back at the road that was 2017, I pray you see it speckled with monuments to the faithfulness and love of your Anchor.

On behalf of the entire INCM team and board, we look forward to continuing to cheer for you in 2018. Happy New Year!

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