Letter to the Community

Hi family!

I’d much prefer grabbing an iced coffee and sitting across from you than a letter like this. I’d love hearing your story and learning about your ministry, and my heart would jump at the chance to see your eyes as we talk about where this community is heading.

For now, I hope this quick note will do to share with you a glimpse of the vision in the hearts of those of us at INCM, and then perhaps someday you and I get that opportunity to grab coffee? 🙂

First, I just have to express my sincere thanks. Your kindness, generosity, support, and prayers following the announcement last week was a true blessing to me and my whole family. I hold you and the call to disciple kids and families in the very depths of my heart. To get to run alongside you in your calling is the greatest privilege and honor, and I’ll never stop running.

Now, friends, we keep going forward. Many of you have asked… “Where is INCM headed?”

We’re passionately headed toward a bright future serving leaders in children’s and family ministry. How?

  1. We’re intensely focused on our mission and vision. Every initiative, how we are structured, and how we do what we do has been put through scrutiny of if we are accomplishing our mission in its fullness or not. (Go here to learn more about INCM’s mission and vision.) This has meant we’ve realigned initiatives and structured our team to support the accomplishment of our mission in FULL. We’ve never been more fired up here in the INCM offices about this beautiful and important calling!
  2. Because of this, we’ve already begun making changes to how we accomplish this mission going into the future, but here’s what you can expect to see this year:
    • CPC19 is going to be our best CPC yet – not only are the General Sessions, Resource Center, and Coaching going to be incredible, but we continue to innovate in the training options and skills we will develop in leaders at the event. If you’re not certain you’ll be at CPC, just do everything you can to get there… we have some big things to share!
    • Our Children’s Ministry Certification program is growing with new courses being added. We’re also excited to announce that the Engage Certificate will be launching on September 15th in partnership with Bethel Seminary. This certificate program includes CPC19 registration and also holds academic standing at Bethel Seminary (think of it this way… should you go on to get your Masters in Children’s and Family Ministry, you’ve completed your first course already through the Engage Certificate!).
    • The International Network of Children’s Ministry is creating a true international network for you. That’s about all I’m allowed to say about that right now. Stay tuned! 
    • The INCM team has taken on exciting new roles and responsibilities that are going to empower us to do what God has called us to do. I’m going to be introducing you to our team and our Board in the weeks to come.

I could go on, but this is already too long. 🙂 In summary, when asked “Where is INCM headed?” my response is: “Forward.”

Hebrews 10:39 tells us that we do not belong to those who shrink back, but to those who have faith. We go forward, by faith. And we do that together.

We’re cheering for you always, and here to serve you in your calling. Thanks for the privilege of getting to come alongside you on the journey.


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   • Meaningful networking with leaders like you
   • Dynamic worship and spiritual refreshment

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