“Just a Helper”? – Making a Difference Whatever Your Role

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I vividly remember my first time going away to summer camp. Perhaps it was because it was my first time to be away from home that long that the details are so clear; yet, I wonder if I remember it so clearly because it was something God used like a pressure cooker to draw me closer and deeper in just a week. During that week, I observed incredible people pouring their lives out for us kids to know and love Jesus. These people were counselors, directors, teachers, worship leaders, lifeguards, and cooks. Some were up in front, and some were behind the scenes.

I’ll never forget Chef. He ruined me for all subsequent camp food. I didn’t realize that having home made apple dumplings for breakfast or the best fried chicken made from scratch wasn’t normal for camp life. But I loved Chef for more than his food. In his own way, he made sure we knew he cared. He’d get to know us as we sat at the counters in the morning with our orange juice. If a camper was sick, Chef brought them homemade chicken noodle soup. I learned what faithfulness, loving what your called to do, and what loving who you do it for looked like from Chef that summer. He wasn’t just the camp cook. He was a disciple-maker.

In children’s ministry, every person who serves with us is a kid influencer. Every team member makes an impact on the little lives that walk through our church’s doors. So, how do we help EACH team member make a difference? How can you support them and encourage them as disciple-makers in their unique roles?

I invite you to join me and my friend Alison Mitchell as she unpacks these questions on Thursday, December 8th, at 11:00 AM CST! In this free webinar, Alison will give you practical ways you can ensure your team knows they make a difference.

Alison Mitchell is an author and trainer from London, UK. She is the Senior Editor at The Good Book Company, where she writes and edits books for children (including the award-winning Tales That Tell The Truth series), devotionals for families, and the Christianity Explored range. Alison has over 30 years experience in training children’s leaders around the UK and beyond!

Register today for this FREE session- it will help you move your team from seeing themselves as “just a helper” to a vital part of the discipleship journey each child in your ministry is on!

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