Jumpstart Your Bible Reading in 2017!

If I could influence children’s ministry leaders in only one direction, it would be to become regular readers of God’s Word. I’ll admit it – I struggled in this area for years. I did not love to read the Bible (in fact, I actively avoided it). But through the influence of a senior pastor and church culture that embraced Bible reading, I learned to cherish God’s Word and developed the discipline to read it with regularity.

Here’s the thing – when the Bible becomes a tool you use for your job, it can lose some of its luster. But when we hold the Scripture in our hands, we hold the very words of God. In it God speaks in the twenty-first century. This is the very voice of God. By this voice, God speaks with absolute truth and personal force. By this voice, our God reveals his all-surpassing beauty. By this voice, he reveals the deepest secrets of our hearts. No voice anywhere anytime can reach as deep or lift as high or carry as far as the voice of God that we hear in the Bible.

One of the greatest influences in this regard is Keith Ferrin. Keith is not only an exceptional communicator and author, he is committed to helping people learn to love God’s Word. Keith has partnered with INCM at CPC over the past couple of years and on Wednesday, January 4th at 10am CST Keith and I will be hosting a webinar to help you jumpstart your Bible reading in 2017. Maybe you’ve made a commitment to read through the entire Bible or to develop this discipline.

Here’s the questions we’ll be answering:

  • Is it really possible to ENJOY the Bible?
  • How do I keep my mind from wandering?
  • Where do I start if I’m new to the Bible?
  • What translations are great for “reading?”
  • How do I remember what I read?
  • What do you recommend for people who have been reading the Bible a long time?

Make sure you mark your calendars and join us!

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