High Stakes for Kidmin Leaders

High Stakes

Having a network of ministry co-conspirators is an incredible gift.

Last week, I had the privilege of spending time on the phone with Sam Luce and Amy Dolan.

I love these two leaders.

Not only do they challenge me in my Kidmin leadership, they challenge my faith. I learn each time I’m around them.

Our conversation last week turned to the same topic: discipleship in the life of the church leader.

It’s clear. Kidmin leaders often readily prioritize other things before their own discipleship journey. We will give everything we have toward a strategy, a curriculum, a perspective before tending to our own souls.

Is this true for you?

  • I read the Bible more to prepare for Sunday than to spend time with God.
  • I am not weekly engaging in a corporate worship service with other adults or my family.
  • I spend more time preparing supplies than preparing my own heart to teach.
  • I haven’t been to church in months.

I didn’t make these up friends. I wish I had. I do. These are actual comments from leaders – from seasoned children’s pastors to new Kidmin.

Frankly, the stakes are too high for this trend to continue. The next generation needs passionate disciples of Jesus to lead them – more than they need a special program or crafts or a great stage or staff structure. We only become master disciple-makers when we ourselves become disciples of the Master.

This is a vital conversation and I could not think of two leaders better suited to guide this conversation than Amy and Sam. I’ll be hosting Amy and Sam on a webinar Wednesday, September 2 at 2 p.m. CDT.

What’s amazing about the Kidmin community is that through simple technology, we can network together – learn together – and grow together. I welcome you to join the conversation next week.

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