Experience Another World, Without Leaving Yours at CPC 2018

When Yannely’s mother, Lidia, learned she was pregnant 23 years ago, her husband tried to convince her to have an abortion. When Lidia refused, he abandoned her and their unborn daughter.

As a single mother in the poor community of Villa Flores in southern Dominican Republic, it was difficult for Lidia to make ends meet and provide for her daughter.

Yannely recalls that often, they had only one meal a day — a green banana and a bowl of rice. And because they couldn’t always afford fuel to boil their water, they were forced to take the risk of consuming untreated water from the community tap.

Due to the great need of Yannely and her mother, Yannely was registered into the Church-based Compassion program and was sponsored by a woman named Dorothy Schmitz. Yannely calls Dorothy “the most influential person in my life.” Through their letters, their relationship grew, and Dorothy quickly became Yannely’s trusted mentor, always motivating her to have faith and hope in God.

Yannely dreamed of becoming a pediatrician but wasn’t sure, with poverty surrounding her, if her dream would ever come true.

At CPC 2018, we invite you to journey deeper into Yannely’s story by visiting the Compassion Experience exhibit onsite in the parking lot. Join us in experiencing first hand the realities of global poverty, where you will walk through Yannely’s home, nearby streets, markets and her school. In 20 minutes, you will step into the true story of Yannely from the Dominican Republic or Jey from Kenya, and experience them growing up in the developing world. You will walk with them through their journey from poverty to a life transformed through Compassion and the local church, in Jesus’ name.

Visitors will be given headsets and invited on an audio-guided journey through wheelchair-accessible and kid-friendly exhibit space, featuring replicas of the homes and environments of real children who have grown up under the weight of extreme poverty. Guests will hear the child’s life story through headphones, as told by professional voice actors in an immersive experience.


Walk ins are welcome.

Insert photo of outside of Compassion Experience (Ascent).


Did you know you can bring the Compassion Experience to your church?

Don’t miss an opportunity to bring this life-changing “mission trip on wheels” to your church! It is a powerful tool which can complement your disciple-making efforts and help your congregation become more mission-minded. Availability is limited, so click here to contact us today for more information.

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