Children’s Pastors’ Conference 2018

January 16-18, 2018
Orlando, FL

Children’s Pastors’ Conference (CPC) is the largest independent kidmin conference with keynotes, breakouts, and resources for children’s and family ministry leaders in all seasons.

We make things. As children’s and family ministry leaders, we are all makers. We weave stories, we build things, we make multipurpose rooms – forget the word beige- we get creative with our budget, we design, cut, color, paint – our supply closet is our wardrobe to Narnia… we make things, but we often forget that WE were made.

Crafted by Master Craftsman hands. Formed, the psalmist tells us, long before we could say, “Sure, I’ll volunteer for that.” Engraved, Isaiah reminds us, on God’s palm. Held by God’s steady hand. Called by His steady voice. “We are not ordinary.” CS Lewis wrote, “You have never met a mere mortal.” It’s because God’s creative genius is a horizon without end.

But it’s just us here, so can we be honest? Our ministry calling often leads us to places where we ask God, “Why?” It leads us to moments where we long for rest. We find ourselves at paths end- not beginning- wondering if this is really for us… we think things like, “Do I still have it in me?” Ministry can be so hard that we forget what’s inside. Our worth is connected to our Creator. If God is of great and inestimable worth, then human beings made in His image must be of great value, too.

You were made for bravery and action. Honesty and hard work. Creativity, imagination, and storytelling. And these are the undertones of the song we will write together at CPC18.

We’ll do this by creating an experience for you to revel in – through one on one coaching, creative training with spiritual depth, and unforgettable times of worship and prayer right here at our CPC home in Orlando.

We believe everything God says about you. All of it. We don’t question your calling. We stand with you in it. We point you to skilled hands to hone your craft because using your gift is how Jesus lights up a dark world. We aim you to the inherent beauty of devoted craftsmanship – because children’s ministry requires mastery and God chose you as His apprentice.

You were made for this.

And all the stories you are rumbling with, the challenges and heartaches, the questions and doubts, the celebrations and wins are evidences of a God at work. For He is always working in us so that He can work through us. He fashioned you with a purpose to do great things that were prepared in advance for you to do.

You were made for this

To do good work. To live creatively. To explode on this world like a firework finale. We are perfectly crafted and chosen by God; a piece of His art!

You were MADE FOR THIS. Join us at CPC18!