Navigating the Frontiers

As children’s and family ministry leaders, we know that what we’ve been entrusted with can feel like a frontier… and the frontiers take faith.

It is by faith we not only move forward, we RUN. Next January, we are looking to the beautiful truths of Hebrews 11 and 12 for CPC19… And in doing so, we are embracing the theme “By Faith.”

This theme is so important, and I believe God has something He wants to say and do in us as a generation of leaders so it can overflow onto the generations we have been called to disciple. My encouragement to you is to ask Him to take you to the edges… the unknowns… and to give you a depth of faith as you navigate the frontiers that gives the ones we lead a living example of what it means to walk by faith. These two words are powerful. They contain the depth of the hope for everything that lies ahead for us.

Join us January 15-17, 2019, in Orlando! We’re excited to welcome Beth Guckenberger, Lisa Harper, and Sharon Hodde Miller to lead us in General Sessions, and we’re announcing more speakers soon!

At CPC19, we will go deeper together, so we can go farther than ever… for the sake of the discipleship of this and future generations.

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