CPC19 Highlight Video [Just Released]

By Faith CPC

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since a couple thousand leaders like you were gathering in Orlando and beginning what would be a week I will never, ever forget. One of the most stunning things to observe at CPC this year was what it looks when the fruit of the gospel spills out onto each other in … Read More

Start the right way this new year!

Happy new year, friend!! Welcome to 2019! Waking up on January 1 means waking up to something fresh and something familiar at the same time. It’s fresh because we’ve never been here- 2019 hasn’t happened before and there’s 365 days ahead of us that we know are pages yet to be written. It’s familiar in that we wake up to … Read More

Immanuel: God is still with us

Merry Christmas, friends! I am praying you find yourself surrounded by loved ones today. As I write this, I’m hoping you’ll get to eat some special “Christmas-only” dishes, open some gifts, and sing some favorite carols. I love the carol “O Come, O Come Immanuel” – the tune is beautiful, but the words so clearly capture the beauty, the waiting, … Read More

Christmas – It’s for you to celebrate, too!

It’s December! For many of you, that means you’re headed toward Christmas programs, Advent has begun, and Christmas Eve services are being prepared. There are a lot of amazing things happening this month to celebrate the wonder of the King and His birth… and in the midst of it all, we (as leaders) can miss the celebrating and the wonder … Read More

Thankful for YOU

You are advancing the Kingdom of God each week. You are influencing the spiritual formation of a generation. You are raising up leaders and multiplying the impact of the Church. You are our hero. And we are deeply thankful for who you are! We know from Matthew 18 that to receive a child into your midst in the name of … Read More

Faith When It’s Difficult

The past couple of weeks remind us why our souls long for heaven. Shootings and fires. Grief and worry. The list feels long, and this is difficult. As those made in the image of God, we look at this and know this isn’t how it was meant to be. We long for the day when all the brokenness and wrong … Read More

Use Your Voice

We all have talents and skills. Some of us are musicians, artists, bakers, cooks, handy with tools, and more. We all have strengths and gifts. Some of us can teach with clarity and authority, lead worship with joy and passion, provide administrative support with vision and order, and more. We ALL have a voice. To use our voice and to … Read More

Ever Feel Like There’s Not Enough?

I have a confession to make about a birthday party I threw for my oldest son 5 years ago. It was his first birthday, I was a new mom, and serving in ministry full time. For his birthday party, we chose an airplane theme, and you can bet I turned my house into a vintage airport. Pinterest exploded on this … Read More

The Biggest Battle You Face

It’s not a lack of volunteers. Although, it can definitely feel like it when they are all on vacation. The biggest battle I see leaders facing today is this: the battle for your faith. In life and in ministry, we juggle multiple roles, responsibilities, and relationships. It’s no wonder we can feel overwhelmed or overworked sometimes. When this happens, our … Read More

What Great Leaders Know (and how you can do those things this week)

About 40 years ago in Colorado, a few children’s ministry leaders serving faithfully in their communities had a realization. They needed each other. Sure, they could probably white-knuckle through the journey of shepherding kids and families for a bit, but not for the long haul. So they planned, they invited others, and they gathered. It was there that community was … Read More