Overcoming fatigue, frustration, and burn out

There was this really beautiful moment this past year I’ll never forget. It was a moment of honesty like I’ve never witnessed in my life. Perhaps it was because, in that vast room I was standing in, we agreed to (in the words of Beth Guckenberger) be more truthful than impressive. I was standing on stage looking out at a … Read More

The name that defeats overwhelm

My oldest son has been grappling with the unknown as he entered his first couple weeks of Kindergarten. Between the stomach flu and abnormal routines, he has found himself overwhelmed by newness and even his own expectations of himself. As a mom, I’ve struggled with watching my boy struggle. It has brought back memories of what it was like for … Read More

Remember Today

It was a Tuesday morning, and I was in the family room of my childhood home here in the US with a few other kids who were in our homeschool group. We had just finished settling in for the day, and began preparing to start our Bible class when my mom got a phone call. It was my dad, and … Read More

The Fierceness of Leading With Kindness

“You’re never going to make it in leadership if you keep being kind.”  Several years ago, this statement was expressed to me on the way out of a meeting. I had just handled an intense situation differently than my peer would have. What was expressed between the lines was: kindness is weakness.   This interaction made me curious. If kindness was … Read More

“We will tell the next generation” – [Psalm 78]

Did you know that the calling you are committing your life to this week joins a beautiful song of God’s people from the time of David? Check out Psalm 78 this morning – you’re likely very familiar with this passage! It’s a song of commitment, and it was a clear recognition that God’s people were to commit to tell the … Read More

6 Critical Areas of Self-Care for Leaders

Summer ministry season is here, and many of you are in the midst of or preparing for significant community outreach like VBS, sports camps, and more. We’re in your corner as you prepare and lead and create spaces for kids to come to know and love Jesus! From one leader to another, I wanted to encourage you today to not … Read More

What’s Good about Today?

Good Friday requires something from us. And it is needful that it does. When we arrive in Luke 23, we observe the ways that the chief priests, scribes, soldiers of the Roman army, and Roman officials have all falsely accused, mocked, and ultimately sentenced the innocent Lamb of God to death. After the painful journey to Golgotha, Jesus is brutally nailed to … Read More

In Grateful Memory

“This past weekend, an exceptional friend of our community went home to be with Jesus. Dale VonSeggen was a pioneer in ministry to children and youth. He and his wife Liz founded One Way Street, and inspired thousands in the use of creative arts to share the gospel around the world. As news of his passing has spread, many are … Read More

What are the Unforced Rhythms of Grace?

Several years ago, I was attending a conference in Atlanta for youth pastors. At one of the general sessions, a band came up on stage that I had never heard of before… they were called The City Harmonic. It was quiet, there was an upright piano on stage, and the band took their places. The pianist was standing – not … Read More

CPC19 Highlight Video [Just Released]

By Faith CPC

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two weeks since a couple thousand leaders like you were gathering in Orlando and beginning what would be a week I will never, ever forget. One of the most stunning things to observe at CPC this year was what it looks when the fruit of the gospel spills out onto each other in … Read More