What did 5 Kidmin Leaders think about CPC18?

Oh friends, I wish I could take a couple of days to tell you the stories of the ways God moved in this beautiful community at CPC18! The spirit was expectant and sweet, the relationships formed were precious, and the way we returned was an unleashing… And that’s the whole reason we gather, yes? I mean, obviously we love the fun and we love the sunshine… but more than that, we gather because we believe in what happens when we retreat into His presence, when we rub shoulders with leaders like us, and when we slow down long enough to hear what He is speaking – everything changes. We change, and our ministries feel the impact.

So, what did leaders have to say about their experience at CPC18? Here are quotes from (only) 5 leaders because I’m not allowed to turn this blog post into an encyclopedia of CPC feedback.  🙂

“Whoa. This was my 4th CPC, and EASILY the best worship experience.” – leader from Wisconsin

“The prayer experience was very needed. A great way to start the week! Really centered my focus and anchored me for the rest of the week.” – leader from Ohio

“Probably the best CPC I’ve attended- I think I’ve been about 10 times. It just keeps getting better!!” – leader from Missouri

“This was my first CPC, so I had no idea what to expect. It FAR exceeded my expectations. Every single detail was thought of, as many obstacles to learning removed. It was so well-planned and well-run.” – leader from New Jersey

“Because I attended CPC 2018, I was able to discern the specifics of what God wants to do to equip the parents of our church to disciple their children throughout the week!” – leader from Florida

You guys! There is something special that happens when we gather. When space is created for us to meet with God and with likeminded sisters and brothers, powerful transformation happens. We are renewed, able to reimagine, empowered to dream bigger dreams, and released to run freely in our calling. We gather so we can go back stronger.

So what about you, friend? What could happen in your ministry if you took three days to be renewed and empowered in this calling to champion the discipleship of kids and families?

Learn more about what you can expect at CPC19 here! 

I hope to see you in the sunshine!

P.S. If you were at CPC18, share about what God did! We love rejoicing in His work!

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