5 Signs You Might Need CPC18

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Welcome to the last day of August! We’re cheering for you as you have launched your fall ministry season! (Imagine confetti and noise makers!)

Perhaps everything is humming along perfectly, or maybe you’re beginning to realize you didn’t know what you didn’t know…but now you know! 🙂 So, if you’re feeling like a you’re in the middle of a triathlon, never fear. Just repeat after me… 138 days… 138 days… That is how many days are left until we gather together in Orlando!

Not sure if you need CPC18 yet? Here are 5 signs that you do…

  1. When asked what the date is, you reply, “Three months past VBS, but only two months until Harvest Festival.”
  2. Your Check-In Tech Support number is now on your callback list above your spouse.
  3.  You’ve begun to realize that church members are avoiding eye contact (volunteering-avoidance… it’s a real thing.)
  4. You’ve rearranged the volunteer schedule 15 times for Sunday… and it is only Wednesday.
  5. When the coffee is gone before 10:00 am.

We love to have fun, and hope that made you laugh… AND if any of those signs are true for you, then you should just make sure you’re registered to meet up with us here:


We can’t wait to see you in January in beautiful Orlando with other leaders like you… Leaders who are desperate to see what God can do in our day and in our communities. We need each other, and together we’ll see a generation of kids who are devoted disciples of Jesus.


About Michayla White

Michayla serves as the Associate Director for INCM, overseeing marketing and training initiatives to provide innovative, diverse and relevant content to the kidmin community. She has had the privilege of spending the last 10 years serving in children’s and family ministry. Michayla has a Bachelor of Science in Christian Counseling and Life Coaching from Liberty University. Her passion for children’s ministry started early—and these experiences as a volunteer solidified a burning passion in her heart to serve those who serve children and families. Michayla married her best friend and childhood sweetheart, and they are having a blast raising their two boys.

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